Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Air Itam- Hakka Mee 客家面

Ait itam is not only famous in Asam Laksa. In a little corner coffee shop near Kek Lok Si, there is a stall selling a type of noddle-Hakka Mee.

Kek Lok Si view from the coffee shop

This is the first time i notice the coffee shop name, Beng Chin Garden.

 It is how the stall looks like. the red shirt auntie and her brother are preparing the noddle.

Hakka Mee here is type of minced pork noodles. Home made noodles mix with minced pork, add some scallion, pour in it chili sauce and stir it evenly.

wow~ kind of prefect match!

The noddle is al dente (Q), and tasty minced pork. This is one of the special noddle in Penang that i would recommend . Next time your visit to Kek Lok Si or hiking to air itam dam, you may drop by and taste it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thinking to share good food in Penang, Malaysia

Do not know since when i start to like to eat, start to know how to differentiate good taste and bad taste. Finally start searching different kind of food and slowly have my own preference.

Kind of hate when somebody claim that hard to find a good food arround. It is depends on how much efford you put on for searching and how much of your acceptancy. However, taste is something very subjective. It's kind of memory and something that we used to it. We would miss some taste when we was young.